Police Department




Welcome to the Hope Police Department. If you have an emergency please contact 911 immediately.

Contact Information

For Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-Emergency: (812) 546-4015
711 Harrison St,
Hope, Indiana 47246
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hopepolice


Animal Control

Jessica barrett – Animal Control Officer
Phone: 812-546-4015

Email: animalcontrol@townofhope.com


Meet the Hope Police Department Officers

Matthew Tallent – Town Marshal

MattnewphotoThe marshal is the chief police officer of the town and has the powers of
other law enforcement officers in executing the orders of the legislative
body and enforcing laws. The marshal or his deputy: (1) shall serve all
process directed to him by the town court or legislative body; (2) shall
arrest without process all persons who commit an offense within his view,
take them before a court having jurisdiction, and detain them in custody
until the cause of the arrest has been investigated; (3) shall suppress
breaches of the peace; (4) may, if necessary, call the power of the town to
his aid; (5) may execute search warrants and arrest warrants; and (6) may
pursue and jail persons who commit an offense. As added by Acts 1980,
P.L.212, SEC.4.

Jason Tucker – Deputy Marshal



Adam Mathis – Deputy Marshal

Rick Everroad – Reserve Officer and his partner Duke


Hope PD Community Involvement


The Hope Police Department is involved in several community activities throughout the year, including coat, toy, food drives. Helping out local citizens and much more. We do much more than just protect our community from crime but also like helping out our fellow citizens.


2017 Arrest’s map